Mello Token Weekly Recap (4/25–5/2)

Mello Token
3 min readMay 3, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Mello Token weekly recap!

This past week has brought a lot of news for Mello. Of all of this action, though, the most exciting development is that we have finalized the plans for our sports betting platform which will be included in the first iteration of the Mello casino. We have been working very closely with our partner, Gammastack, to perfect our vision for the launch of Mello Casino, and it is thanks to them that we will be able to use Mello as a currency and integrate amazing features like Sports Betting!

Another rather exciting update from the past week was our announcement that we will be implementing a recurring airdrop program once the Mello Casino officially launches. In this announcement we alluded to the fact that “hardcore” Mello holders will be eligible to receive this regular airdrop, so stay tuned for more news regarding what it takes to be considered a “hardcore” Mello holder! Our goal is to reward those who have been long time Mello supporters and who have shown their true belief in the project. We think it is crucial that we take care of our community members, as none of what we are trying to accomplish could be achieved without all of you!

Mello Token saw an exciting amount of growth this week, gaining over 500 holders since last Monday! One of the reasons for some of our boost in traction was likely a YouTube posted by the crypto YouTuber Mcash, viewable here:
in the video, Mcash gives an excellent explanation of our tokenomics and our long term vision for our casino project. The video currently has over 25,000 views and climbing.

Mello Token also found itself in the top 25 of the 24 hour gainers list on CoinMarketCap on the 29th of April! Check us out on CMC here:

Mello is also currently hosting a Meme Contest and a 5,000 holder promotional giveaway!!!

To enter the Meme contest, go to this link:
Create and upload the funniest Mello meme you can, and the winner will get 10,000 Mello tokens… plus, 5,000 tokens will be given to a random applicant, and since you get 1 automatic entry just for logging in, it’s a no brainer!
REDDIT BONUS: Get 2 entries when you upvote, reply, and comment on a few of our reddit posts!

The rules for the 5,000 holder giveaway are as follows:

Follow our social account(s) (FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, VK) and tag two friends on the giveaway post for a chance to win $50 worth of Mello! The winner will be announced after Mello reaches 5,000 holders.

That covers this week’s highlights from Mello Token! Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming weeks regarding our upgraded marketing strategies, casino development updates, and more!

Keep it Mello!


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Mello Token

MelloToken is a BSC utility token with our first high-volume use case being an online crypto casino.